October 1st - December 23rd

Build The Best Version Of You To Achieve Strength, Confidence, and Sustainable Success!

Space is Limited! No more than 6 people in a group! Don't wait to reserve your spot!

What Is It?

The 12-Week Transformation is the most comprehensive weight loss program on the market.



Proper strength training is one of the most underestimated components of a successful weight loss program. Building lean muscle not only shapes and contours the body, it increases metabolism and burns more calories than cardio!

You will work out 2 days per week with your designated trainer in a small group of 2-6 people. A third day of training is optional at the recomendation of your trainer. A complete fitness roadmap will be provided to optimize results and avoid overtraining.

Unlimited fat-burning fitness classes are also included to supplement your training sessions. Classes can be done in-studio or live online, OR via the recordings that are housed in our EP Fitness app!



Easily one of the biggest struggles we hear from our clients is not understanding what to eat and how to food prep effectively. So, we've done it all for you!

Included in your 12-Week Transformation is 12 weeks of Done-For-You meal plans so you always know what to eat!

And to alleviate even more stress, you'll get "how-to" videos with cooking and meal prep instructions, all in addition to a custom nutritional program designed specifically for you!



Transformations require mindset shifts and mindset shifts require education. Each week, Professinal Boxer and Top Weight Loss Expert, Paul Scianna and Professional Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, Danyl Scianna will hold live educational workshops teaching the psychology of overeating, self-sabotage, metabolic optimization, building nutrition plans, holiday eating, macronutrient ratios, overcoming plateaus, self-motivation and more to set you up for long-term success!

The workshops will be held virtually via Zoom calls every Wednesday at 8:00pm. The calls will be recorded for anyone not able to attend the live session.

Who Is This For?

🎯 This is for Men or Women, sick and tired of the false and empty promises, the quick fixes, the pills, the shakes and the fasting.

🎯 It's for the person who's done with wasting TONS of money on "all things weight loss" with no results to show for it.

🎯 It's for the person spending countless hours on Google trying to figure out the easiest or fastest way to lose weight.

🎯 It's for the person who is willing to put in the work to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

🎯 It's for the person willing to invest in their health and well-being and NOT take the easy way out.

💯 We want to show you just how easy it can be to lose weight and keep it off. We teach the skill sets and behavior modifications needed in order to lose weight, long-term.

💯 The honest truth is that building a healthy, toned body takes time and consistent effort. But if you're willing to LEARN and step out of your comfort zone, let us show you how good life can be, when you free yourself from food restriction.

**If you're looking for another quick-fix diet, this is NOT the program for you. If you're not willing to invest in your long-term health and well-being, this is NOT the program for you.

This IS in every sense of the word a Total Mind, Body and Metabolic Transformation and only works if you ARE READY for it!

Here's What You Get for 12 Weeks:

  • One-Hour Group Personal Training Sessions 2-3x/week

  • Unlimited Fitness Classes

  • 12-Week Fitness and Nutrition Roadmap

  • 12-Weeks of Done-For-You Meal Plans

  • Customized Nutritional Program

  • Behavioral Modification Coaching

  • Weekly Educational Training Workshops

  • Cooking and Meal Prep Instructional "How-To" Videos

  • Full Access to the EP Fitness App

Education Training Modules

  • Sustainable Success

  • Mindset Reset

  • Understanding Fitness

  • Eating Triggers

  • Metabolism and Calories

  • Visceral Fat: The Silent Killer

  • Eating Out / Holiday Eating

  • Creating Your Own Nutrition Program

  • Why We Self-Sabotage

  • The Magic of Muscle

  • Habit Creation

  • Ask the Expert Anything!

Due to the small training groups and the limited time slots, we have an application process for this program.

Please complete the application below to learn more about the program.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results obviously vary per person and depend on how diligently you follow the program, however, the average weight loss for a program of this nature is about 25 lbs over the 12 weeks. For those that don't have as much weight to lose, you can expect to lose about 6% body fat.

Please note this is not a guarantee, however it is what we've seen over the past 10 years of us coaching weight loss clients with these systems.

Do I Need To Purchase Any Equipment?

If you do not have boxing gloves, you will need to purchase them for class. We sell various styles of gloves ranging from $35 to $130 and will be sure you are fitted properly.

Can I Participate In The 12-Week Transformation Virtually?

The group personal training sessions can only be done in-person at the Empowering Punch studio. Fitness classes can be either in-studio or virturally.

What Happens If I Miss A Training Session?

Each group has 2 scheduled training sessions per week with their designated trainer. There will be bonus sessions scheduled throughout the week at various times that can be used as a make-up session or a third training day if recommended by your trainer.

What If I Have A Current EP Membership?

For EP members or clients, any fitness packages that are currently billing will be put on hold to allow you to partake in the 12-Week Transformation.

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